Catering for Large Groups With the Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo

It’s a arduous job to baby for ample groups of humans at weddings, parties or accumulated functions. There is little time to do a lot of aliment alertness and cooking. Plus supply of the aliment to the guests needs to be fast and all aural the aforementioned time frame. Therefore, every caterer needs as abundant advice with the aliment alertness as possible.

The Robot Coupe Aliment Processor Combo is a admirable section of accouterment accessories for accomplished caterers. It takes the processing tasks out of your calmly and is like your appropriate duke chef. The Robot Coupe Model R502 Ultra is able to cut and allotment vegetables for up to 300 servings. Accouterment for groups of 100 and 200 will be a breeze, not to acknowledgment 300 people. With this accouterment accessories you could add the potatoes and set the apparatus to cut it for you. You could do the aforementioned with carrots next. It would aswell be accessible to allotment vegetables such as cucumbers in a abbreviate amplitude of time. We all apperceive how time arresting acid and slicing vegetables can be. By abacus the vegetables to the Robot Coupe Aliment Processor Combo you can yield the harder plan out of your calmly and assurance the apparatus to do it for you.

The Robot Coupe Aliment Processor Combo has a ability achievement of 1000 Watts and 400 Volts. It operates at a acceleration of 750 and 1500 RPM forth with a beating function. It is bogus with a bland brand vegetable slicer and a 5.5 litre stainless animate basin with handle. The vegetable slicer, that has an casting function, is able with two hoppers. The ample alembic is 139 centimetres boxlike and the annular alembic has a bore of 58 millimetres. There are alternative acid discs that you can accept from depending on your requirements.

Caterers about absorb a lot time travelling to venues with some of their accouterment equipment. It’s acceptable to apperceive that the Robot Coupe Aliment Processor Combo is baby abundant to biking with. It measures 665 x 380 x 350 millimetres in admeasurement so it can calmly fit in a van and is simple to carry.

The Robot Coupe Aliment Processor Combo is a abundant section of catering equipment for a active caterer that caters to ample accumulation functions on a approved basis. While you focus on creating those adorable recipes the apparatus can cut and allotment the vegetables for you, appropriately extenuative you time and abating you of the burden of time.